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Marina & Storage

Resort Village Marina

The Resort Village of Pebble Baye has a small marina consisting of 43 slips.  The marina is owned and operated by the Resort Village of Pebble Baye and falls under the control of Council.  Slips are available for rent to Resort Village property owners whose properties do not border on the shore of Iroquois lake.  At present there is a waiting list of 16 individuals wanting a slip and this number varies from time to time.

There is also as a limited number of spaces to rent on the marina berm for persons wishing to park their boats.  For these spots the renter is required to supply their own boat lift.

Marina slips are rented for the use of Resort Village of Pebble Baye property owners for a yearly rental charged.  Marina slips rentals are only for property owners use and are not to be sublet or transferred in any way.  Resort Village property ownership is a prerequisite for slip rental and can not be transferred with the sale of property.  There is a yearly rental contract to be signed yearly to insure these principles are followed.  Failure to adhere to the contract will result in the loss of your slip.

To register for the waiting list for the rental of a slip or for a place on the berm email your name will be added in the order they are received.

Public Storage Area

The Resort Village of Pebble Baye has a storage area for it’s ratepayers.  The purpose is for the storage of recreational items that are not in use at the time.  It is intended to make our community more attractive by having all recreational items stored in one place and not on roadways and private lots.  The Storage of lake related items such as ice huts and boat trailers are limited to 2 items per property free of charge.

A property owner can also store 1 additional item, for which there is a yearly rental charge.

There is a yearly charge for the sea cans and coverall sheds.  Council will not rent new spaces for these items.

Council asks that when items are stored in the Storage Area that each item has the name and contact information of the owner on the article, in the event that they have to be contacted for any reason.

It is very important to understand that all items stored in the Storage Area are at the owner’s risk.  The Resort Village of Pebble Baye accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage of items stored in this area.


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